“Why would I read this blog?”, you say.  Good question. In today’s efficient, multitasking world, I can understand why you wouldn’t want to spend time on something unless you feel confident you’ll get something out of it!

Well, let me tell you a wee bit about myself, with the hopes that it will speak to what I can offer.  Currently, I work as a Registered Clinical Counsellor at a post-secondary institution. Yep, I’m a “Shrink.” I don’t tell people how to live their lives, necessarily, but I provide a context within which they can figure that out for themselves.  During the privileged process of seeing 5 clients a day, I hear countless stories of resilience and triumph, heartbreak and loss.  I get to stand beside people during some of their darkest moments, and witness overwhelming growth and change. One of the many gifts my clients give me is insight into the common human experience: we all suffer. Through this blog, I hope to combine my 7 years of post-secondary education in psychology, biology, and philosophy with my own personal and professional experience to send “wisdom” your way (I use “wisdom” facetiously, as it’s up to you as to whether of not you consider the information useful)! To protect the confidentiality of my clients, I will only use broad references as to what goes on in session.

Prior to my profession as a psychotherapist, I was a personal trainer and yoga and nutrition advisor. I believe strongly in viewing well-being holistically, but I also believe in moderation and indulgence, and these values will undoubtedly be reflected in my posts.  A few other things you might learn about me along the way? I consider myself to be a Buddhist, Existentialist, (mediocre) athlete, activist, extrovert, curious mind, young professional, independent woman and reformed perfectionist.

So, your call. For those of you who read, I hope some of the information is useful to you. For those of you who do not, well, you won’t be reading this sentence.  Comments and questions are encouraged! Enjoy :).