Gotchya! No, I don’t know what “The Point” is (but it got you reading, right?). I don’t actually believe there is one, per se.  That’s not to say there are none. OK, I’ve gotten you confused. Let me elaborate. Depending on your values, religious beliefs, experiences (and likely a plethora of other factors), you will likely have, by default, found some way of creating meaning (a.k.a. a “Point”) in life. Of course, the source of that meaning varies from individual to individual.

Why is this relevant to living a good life? Well, some theories suggest that we need meaning to be happy (Constructivist and Existentialist philosophies suggests that we create or “construct” our own meaning through relationships, creativity, spirituality, and work).  Without it, we have the proverbial “Existential Crisis” and, in extreme cases, die by suicide.  I’ve spoken to hundreds of people who perceive little or no meaning in their life, and are subsequently on the verge of ending theirs’. On the flip-side, people who feel fulfilled by their work, relationships, and/or “craft” are happier.

So what does this mean for you?  Take an inventory of what makes you happy: What fulfills you? What makes you feel important? What excites you? What are your values? Your morals? If you’re a “helping” personality, you’ll likely thrive in a work environment in which you’re helping others. If you’re artistic, make time for your craft.  If you value connection, be sure to make an effort in your relationships (family, friends, romantic partners).

What’s my “Point?” Simply put, hedonism (or epicureanism, depending on my fluctuating view on indulgence). I think we’re here for a good time (cue “Trooper”). I seek to enjoy and savour every moment (more posts to come on the empirically-supported benefits of doing so), but I’m also aware of my values and what makes me feel worthy.  So take a little time to check in with yourself about what contributes to your own happiness and self-worth, and make note of it. Next time you’re feeling low, you might just need to create some meaning.