My dear followers! Today I’m gettin’ wild, and am sharing my personal mental illness story (and healing journey, and tools for your own healing) in video form(!!!). You can watch it if you’d like, or listen to it while you commute or workout or clean. It’s 46 minutes long, but if you’ve ever struggled with eating disorders, depression, anxiety, or low self-worth, it’s totally worth tuning in.

Why? Unlike my unstructured, unabashedly ad-lib YouTube videos, this interview is part of “The Enoughness Revolution“–a podcast series inspiring conversation around the birthplace of authenticity, courage, happiness and expanding into your potential with the inspirational #gamechanger, Megan Hale.  I’m supes honored to be a part of such an incredible initiative. We are ALL enough <3.

(And I still swear and talk about getting embarrassingly drunk and how I thought yoga was lame, etc. etc. #stillmeyo)

Enjoy!! Also, if you’re in the New York, Kamloops, or Vancouver area, check out my upcoming workshops :).